Suppliers And Partners

KSTI established partnerships with different organisations where MOUs have been signed such as OneConnect for providing online learning management system, marketing and systems to the institution. Other suppliers for furniture and ICT equipment is in process of engagements with KSTI.

However, KUBU also has a set of Institute Approved Short Courses. The topics of these courses/ modules/ programmes have been identified through a process that recognises the competency gaps that hinders the manager and staff member from effectively functioning in their professional and leadership roles. It seems that both the Public Service Departments and private businesses, tend to prioritise the training of technical skills over the management and leadership skills, but as a result there is a failure to prepare staff for promotion to management and leadership positions.

The KUBU Science and Technology Institute brings together the professional, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for the range of specialist roles required for the smooth operation of service delivery to the community. These courses cover all the Faculties in the Institute and have a particular emphasis on the development of an entrepreneurial spirit and community engagement.