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A large percentage of South African youth are desirous of a higher education qualification but are hampered by intractable obstacles such as high rates of poverty and unemployment. KUBU Science and Technology Institute (KUBU) aims to confront those challenges head-on by deploying the latest technologies and innovative practices in the education arena. KUBU’s particular appeal is its pro-youth focus and its careful positioning to be at the forefront of the wars against inequality, poverty and unemployment in South Africa. From the outset, KUBU has adopted an entrepreneurial model that frontally attacks the problems that not only prevent youth from actualizing their dreams, but also causes frustration to adults and parents resulting in them not keeping their wards in school until the successful completion of their programmes. KUBU Institute will not only empower students and young people but will afford lifelong opportunities for learning for those who must combine learning with livelihood pursuits.
Thus, the KUBU Centre for Continuous Education has been developed as the short course arm of the Institute presenting mixed-media courses via face-to-face teaching and online learning. It presents a wide range of learning programmes covering the five faculties that are focused on Health and Education Sciences, Management Science and Law, Science and Agriculture, Arts, Technology and Engineering.
KUBU Educators are experts in the field of ‘Tailor-Made Programmes’. The aim is to align the course with the Company’s, or Department’s Goals in a way that meets the developmental needs of the organization. The courses/modules use mixed media methods of learning, and the Facilitators are skilled in the art of training and development. When the course is designed for your organization KUBU will provide a price quotation for any of the courses shown below. Courses are normally presented for groups of not more than 25 participants.
However, KUBU also has a set of Institute Approved Short Courses. The topics of these courses/ modules/ programmes have been identified through a process that recognises the competency gaps that hinders the manager and staff member from effectively functioning in their professional and leadership roles. It seems that both the Public Service Departments and private businesses, tend to prioritise the training of technical skills over the management and leadership skills, but as a result there is a failure to prepare staff for promotion to management and leadership positions.

Programmes and Short Courses
The KUBU Science and Technology Institute brings together the professional, managerial, and entrepreneurial skills necessary for the range of specialist roles required for the smooth operation of service delivery to the community. These courses cover all the Faculties in the Institute and have a particular emphasis on the development of an entrepreneurial spirit and community engagement.

A list of short courses is shown below:
1.      Leadership Development for Entrepreneurs
2.      The Arts and Leadership Development
3.      Team Leadership that Builds Professional Ethics
4.      Governance and Legislation
5.      Strategic Planning and Implementation
6.      Strategies for Quality Improvement
7.      Monitoring and Evaluation.
8.      Policy Formulation for the Public Service
9.      Policy Transformation in Public Health
10.   Introduction to Public Administration and the Learning Organisation
11.   Strategic Marketing and Communication
12.   Strategic Human Resources, Labour Relations
13.   Financial Management and Economics for Entrepreneurs
14.   Critical Systems Management
15.   Leading a Hospital Management Team
16.   Strategic Economics and Finance Management in Health
17.   Research Methodology
18.   Health System, Health Informatics and Quality Improvement
19.   Re-engineering Primary Health Care
20.   Hospital Operations Management
21.   Hospital Specific Competencies
22.   Epidemiology
23.   Advanced Epidemiology
24.   Pre-Doctoral Programme
25.   Employee Assistance Programmes & PILR for health workers
26.   Medical Negligence, Malpractice and Health Sector mediation
27.   Supply chain management for Entrepreneurs
28.   Mentoring for Personal Development
29.   Dance Anatomy and Kinesiology
30.   Dance Teaching and Pedagogy
31.   Dance Composition
If your organisation is interested in obtaining a quote for any of these training events, please contact John, details below, with the required information on whether the application is for an individual to be placed on a waiting list or for a group (minimum 10 and maximum 25). This will enable us to provide a pricing and course details along with possible dates for the training:
John Meecham – 082 8800223: email – johnmeecham1958@gmail.com