Introduction and Background

Kubu Science and Technology was established and registered in June 2022. It is a company entering the private Higher Education and Training sector with the primary aim of contributing to fighting inequality, poverty and unemployment in South Africa.

Operating environment

The KSTI is in the process of finalizing arrangements for operating in the campus at Sloan Street in Bryanston. The environment is suitable for a private institution. There are excellent facilities such as classrooms, offices, auditorium, conference facilities and spaces that offer convenience for student life such as restaurants, sporting facilities for soccer and cricket, a gym, and a golf course. Different health facilities are available on campus for Oral Health, Nutrition, Physiotherapy and Occupational Health and are accessible for staff and students. Security on campus is guaranteed including safe parking spaces for students and staff. The campus is accessible from main roads through public transport and private transport facilities such as the Gautrain and Uber services.


KSTI is in the process of registering with the Department of Higher Education and Training under the Higher Education Act, Act no 101 of 1977. The KSTI is in the process of submitting 12 first academic programmes under the guidance of the CHE through its HEQSF. Other programmes are developed and submitted under different professional requirements.

KUBU’s particular appeal is its pro-youth focus and its careful positioning to be at the forefront of the wars against inequality, poverty and unemployment in South Africa. From the outset, KUBU has adopted an entrepreneurial model that frontally attacks the problems that not only prevent youth from actualizing their dreams, but also causes frustration to adults and parents resulting in them not keeping their wards in school until the successful completion of their programmes. KUBU Institute will not only empower students and young people but will afford lifelong opportunities for learning for those who must combine learning with livelihood pursuits. This view of higher education is reflected in KUBU’s focus as shown below in the vision, mission and values.