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The Kubu Science and Technology Institute (KSTI) Faculty of Arts is home to the Department of Performing Arts which boasts four carefully and thoughtfully designed programmes, namely Dance, Drama, Music and Musical Theatre. The current combination of programme qualifications is relevant and competitive both locally and internationally to the Performing Arts Industry. The performing arts programmes are purposefully designed to ensure that students are able to make use of relevant and current technologies in the application of their learned knowledge and skills, to develop and create new, original and proudly African and South African works that are of a high industry standard.
All four programmes progress through career-focused and industry specific possibilities whilst staying abreast with local and international trends and influences from bachelors, bachelors with Honours, master’s and doctoral degrees. The Bachelor of Arts programmes aim to pave a solid footing for students not only to confidently, competently and successfully access the performing arts and entertainment industries but develops students to be innovative and entrepreneurial in the arts spaces. Our Honours and Postgraduate degrees provide in-depth study in specific areas of specialisation and ensure preparation for professional and academic spaces respectively within the arts.
Our faculty’s academic community is made up of dedicated and experienced industry professionals, scholars and teachers who prepare students for a wide-range of career possibilities and life-long learning in the arts and creative industries spaces. The KSTI Faculty of Arts includes locally and internationally trained and practising theatre, television and film industry performers, playwrights, choreographers, directors and producers who are connected and affiliated to nationally and internationally recognised organisations in the arts and the creative industries.

●      Bachelor of Arts in Dance Science: BA Dance Science
●      Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Dance Science: BA (Hons) Dance Science
●      Bachelor of Arts in Drama: BA Drama
●      Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Drama: BA (Hons) Drama
●      Bachelor of Music: BMus
●      Bachelor of Music with Honours: BMus (Hons)
●      Bachelor of Arts in Musical Theatre: BA Musical Theatre
●      Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Musical Theatre: BA (Hons) Musical Theatre
●      Master of Arts in Dance Science: MA Dance Science (by Research Dissertation)
●      Master of Arts in Drama: MA Drama (by Research Dissertation)
●      Master of Music: MMus (by Research Dissertation)
●      Master of Arts in Musical Theatre: MA Musical Theatre (by Research Dissertation)
●      Doctor of Philosophy: PhD Performing Arts (by Research Thesis)

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Ms. LK Seekoe MA Applied Theatre (WITS), PD Corporate Governance (IIE MSA), BTech Musical Theatre (TUT)
Email: lkseekoe@ksti.co.za
Phone: 062 121 9470

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT: Ms. LT Seekoe PhD (Candidate) (UFH), MA (UFH), PGCE (WITS), BA Hons (UCT)
Email: ltseekoe@ksti.co.za
Phone: 079 925 6389


Email: PerformingArts@ksti.co.za

Phone: 066 071 6149


Ms. LK Seekoe MA (WITS), PD (IIE MSA), BTech (TUT)

Ms. LT Seekoe PhD (Candidate) (UFH), MA (UFH), PGCE (WITS), BA Hons (UCT)


Mr. SC Agnew BTech Dance (TUT), Adjudicator (NEA), Advanced 1 (RAD)

Mr. J Moleele BTech Drama (TUT)

Mr. LF Baloyi BTech Musical Theatre (TUT)

Mr. T Mofokeng BTech Music (TUT)

Ms. M Marks MMus (UP), BMus Hons (UP)

Mr. KN Ncube BA (Hons)Film & Theatre Arts Studies (MSU)


 Entry onto the programme is through successful application and audition.

  • The audition process has been designed to assess an applicant’s potential ability alongside their current skill levels.
  • The audition day has been carefully constructed to ensure a full range of skills are showcased whilst watching how applicants work in a team environment, whilst performing and when given new skills to perform.
  • A mixture of prepared and non-prepared work is requested to create an even playing field.
  • We aim to provide a positive and friendly atmosphere that promotes our training ethos.
  • Current students work within the process to support incoming applicants throughout the day.


All postal correspondence should be addressed to the relevant person or department at: Kubu Science and Technology Institute, Postnet Suite 383, Private Bag X0001, Ifafi, 0260. Should you not know the person or department, please direct all correspondence to the Registrar.

Faculty Officer Faculty of Arts

Postal Address: Postnet Suite 383, Private Bag X0001, Ifafi, 0260 

Tel: +27 (0)21 959 2407

Email: arts@ksti.co.za.


Contact Centre: +27 (0)

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